Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gelatin Mask or Blackhead Remover

I have been going through some DIY projects at home and I have been very interested in health and beauty DIYs.

I ran into a site (which of course I do not remember at the moment and will post the link once I find it) which suggested using unflavored gelatin mixed with milk for a facial mask- blackhead remover.

In a box of Knox, there are 4 packages of gelatin and one of the package is enough for a full-facial mask.

1 pack unflavored gelatin (do not use any flavored gelatin, imagine what your face would like if you used strawberry flavored gelatin)
1.5-2 TBS of milk

A microwave safe cup
wooden spatula/ popsicle stick

Before you start preparing your mask, wash your face very well with warm water and clean any make-up that you may have on your skin. Hold a face towel under hot water and drain the water and put the towel over your face until it cools off (of course the towel should not be that hot for it to burn your skin). This will help open your pores (I actually put the mask on, after I took a shower).

Mix the gelatin with milk in the cup using your stick/spatula. Place it the cup in the microwave for 15-20 seconds (depending on your microwave's temperature).

Take the mixture out of microwave and mix well with the spatula/stick and let it cool off a bit (it basically boils in that 15-20 seconds and you do not want to burn your skin), but do not let it cool down all the way as it needs to be warm enough to be spreadable on the skin (as you would the wax for hair removal).

Once it is not too hot to burn your skin, start spreading the mix quickly over your skin using your stick/spatula (avoid putting it over your eyes, eyebrows and lips).

Let it sit for 15-20 minutes or as long as it is dry. Then slowly pull the mask off your face (as you would any peel-off mask) and you would see all the dirt/ blackheads come off your skin and leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth and clean.

After the mask is off, you can rinse your face as you would normally do with some warm water and pat dry with clean towel. If you are heading out in the sun after cleaning you face, you would want to use some sunscreen which is also moisturizing (I put my mask on during the night so that I do not need to put anything extra on other than a very organic moisturizer).

Caution: Always test any product in small areas to check for allergies, before putting it on your face or any parts of the body.

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