Monday, August 12, 2013

Homemade Flushable Wipes

As every other person on the face of this planet, I would like to stay clean as well as not spend too much money and not harm the environment with too much waste.

As a mother, you deal with a lot of 'poo' etc here and there. While, you can't just leave the 'dirty' be dirty, you can just make it a bit easier on yourself. So that is what I been trying to do: Clean the lil bottoms with wipes and then wash it.

Though, it gets expensive when you are using flushable wipes (as I mentioned trying to minimize the damage to the environment). I did a bit of search on the web to see the easiest way to make economical and environmentally friendly wipes and the one at Wellness Mama's webpage I found interesting.

So I did take her suggestions into consideration. While I did not have everything she suggested, I just used what I had at home and my wipes works perfectly fine.

What I used:
1 TBSP almond oil
2 TBSP Dr Bronner's soap
1 TBSP Witch hazel
1 roll of paper towel, Target brand
1 empty bucket of gallon ice-cream
2 cups pre-boiled water ( which should be lukewarm when you are pouring it over your towels)

Cut the paper roll in half using a sharp knife. Mix all the ingredients in the water and pour it over your papers and let it sit for 5-10 minutes so the water is absorbed in the papers. Pull out the cardboard roll from inside your wipes to bring the inside part out. Voila, your own flushable wipes for a fraction of the cost!


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