Do It Yourself (DIY)

Every time we pick an item from a shelf to buy, be it food products or hygiene products, we do not recognize many of the chemicals listed either as preservatives or main ingredients.

I am starting to wonder if any of the products consumed actually contain anything natural. On most of the products, we can see a warning sign. If the large of amount of a product is dangerous, then same is true about the small amount; why in the world do we even use such products?! The simple answer is, we have gotten lazy or we have forgotten how to make most of the stuff at home or companies scare people into thinking that it is the job of a chemist to make such 'fancy' stuff and unless you got a degree in chemistry you won't be able to make such stuff.

Once I told a friend how to make home-made yogurt and she was surprised how easy it was to make. Knowing that you can survive and use those skills to make something environmentally friendly products at home, gives one the peace of mind that you are doing your part in keeping this world safe for yourself and your children and future generations as much as possible.

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