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Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Natural Hardwood Floor Natural Cleaner

Using professional products is an effective option for cleaning and maintaining surface-finished wood floors; but, it is possible to use a natural hardwood floor cleaner as well. A natural solution, made at home, is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and effective. While some substances can cause dullness, or eventually ruin the finish, a homemade recipe using warm water and essential oils will clean and disinfect, without harming the wood or surface.

Vinegar and Lemon for Cleaning Hardwood Flooring

A simple, natural, and effective homemade wood floor cleaner is made from diluting one half cup of vinegar in one gallon of warm water. With an excellent finish, a natural hardwood floor cleaner made with vinegar, or lemon juice, will probably be fine. Over time however, a highly acidic substance may have a negative effect. Acids can wear down the finish, causing a dull floor. Be careful when using this solution on surface-finished floors, and never use on wax hardwood floors. Always mop up any moisture after cleaning.

Oil as a Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Olive oil or vegetable oil can also be used to clean and add luster to a hardwood floor. Either mix equal parts of olive oil and vinegar, or two parts oil to one part of lemon juice. Using a small amount, rub into the entire surface with a dry mop. When finished, go over the entire floor with a clean cloth. The negative of using oil is that over time it can build-up on the surface of the floor, making professional treatment more difficult. Also, be careful of a slippery, oily surface.

Essential Oil Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner

Using essential oils to make a homemade wood floor cleaner offers a natural, eco-friendly product, with no negative repercussions for long-term use. Essential oils are inherently antibacterial, and unlike vinegar, they smell beautifully. As they are highly concentrated, only use a very small amount. Eight to ten drops of essential oil is sufficient for one gallon of warm water. Lemon, eucalyptus, and lavender all work well as cleansing essential oils, although other kinds can be used.

Clean a floor with this natural solution with a damp mop, making sure no excess water is used. Buff the surface after cleaning to ensure there is no moisture remaining, and to enhance shine. To preserve hardwood, do this treatment after sweeping or vacuuming weekly, or every two weeks, depending on how much a floor is used.

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