Sunday, February 3, 2013

Green School

While I was looking online for some ideas, I ran into a site ( I was amazed to find out that they teach children from an early age how to use natural resources.

The whole idea of such school is so amazing that makes me wonder how come there is not one in each country (of course it has to be designed so it works well in that environment).

Till the day we get a school(s) such as this in our society, we can teach our children at home the value of living green.

The first thing which comes to mind is, teaching our children how to grow vegetables in their own environment. Or for example, we teach our children to recycle. We can teach them by example, how to keep the environment clean. Pick the trash off the ground, instead of leaving it there until municipality workers come and pick it up and so on and so forth.

With small steps, we can all make a huge difference for the world and more importantly for our children as they are the future of this world.

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