Saturday, January 26, 2013

Steam Cleaning!

With a newborn at home, I will not always find the time to keep up with 'a new blog a day', but I might tackle a few topics each day as I am really interested myself to see how far I can go with my go-green challenge.

For my second day challenge, I chose to clean my house without any chemicals. That meant cleaning the carpets, washing the floors and cleaning my little artists art-work from the walls and any other place possible.

I have recently bought a used steam-cleaner from a friend. It may not be the best steam-cleaner, but it does get the job done. Mine is a H2O Mop X5 and I have to admit, I just enjoy cleaning with my mop/steam-cleaner and it is not tiring for my back to hold it and move around the house as I clean.

The only thing I used for cleaning was water and a couple of drops of essential oil; my house smells wonderful and my floors and walls clean!

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