Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cloth Diaper

Cloth Diapers

With small children at home, expenses grow from one day to the next. We need new clothes, we need different food depending on the needs of the child. We need to even reorganize the house to meet the needs of a child/or keep in mind his/her safety.

One of the main things we spend a lot of money on, are diapers. Not that it is not economical to use disposable diapers, they are also very environmentally unfriendly. Even the most 'organic' diapers spend quite a while in landfill.

My third challenge is starting to use cloth diaper. It is friendly to Mother Earth (compared to disposables); it is wallet-friendly, you do not need to spend money each month buying diapers and it basically goes out to trash and it is better for baby's bum. Those nasty chemicals in disposables can contribute to the horrible rush babies have most of the time.

I found some free templates on different blogs/sites for different nappies/diapers.
One Size, Fitted, Pocket Diaper
Pouch Diaper

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