Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hide Some Veggies

Picky Eaters!

When I did not have children, I always thought that children can easily be taught to eat what you are eating, but as I found it is not as easy as that. 3/4 of my children are in that stage of their life that they are able to eat anything; however, it is not easy for me to convince them to eat healthy food.

DILLKĂ–TT Pressure cooker IKEA Preparing food in a pressure cooker reduces the cooking time by up to 50%.

IKEA 365+ Food container IKEATheir favorite food are pasta, rice, potato fries, and some meat. What is a mother got to do to get these fussy and picky eaters to swallow one bit of veggies?

 I had to come up with some ideas to get my picky eaters eat something other than those above mentioned food. As they love pasta and spaghetti and do not mind some soup, I decided that I would sneak some vegetables in the spaghetti/noodle soup.

 So I get all the vegetables I can think of and cook them in pressure cooker and add some vegetable broth; after they are a bit soft I put them in my food processor and voila a thick mix of veggies ready for the soup.

I use pressure cooker because I do not want all the nutrients to fly away with the steam while boiling and I do not think wasting too much water in the steam cooker is a great idea either.

As I am a mom of four and I also have a job plus the house chores, I prefer to have some food ready in freezer in case I do not get time to cook; I cook a lot of veggies and I use what I need and the rest are put in freezer in containers for future use.

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