Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cloth Sanitary Towels

As I was growing up, my mom was a big fan of cloth sanitary towels and I on the other hand, hated the thought of cloth towels. Now I finally realized, it was not the towels themselves that made me sick to my stomach but rather the cleaning process.

Unfortunately, most of the time we are taught something which is beneficial but it could be more efficient if it were performed another way. 

Being a mother myself, I know I would prefer clothe pads for my girls once they grow up. They are better for health, it is economical and environmentally.

I have been going through different sites trying to find the easiest patterns and the best one is the following (in my mind):

I have made those simple tools I got at home: flannel cloth, thread and sew-on snaps. I have borrowed the pattern from this site.
There are some interesting designs and patterns on the internet, and I am sure every person can find what they are looking for.

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